Our Server

About the official OpenNos Server

Since we released our OpenSource Project to the public, more and more private servers came up. Finding the right one got harder, since everyone is modifying their server code, which can ruin the Performance and causes bugs. And the biggest problem is, most private servers don't even have a working team.

That's why we decided to help you with choosing the right server for you and your friends: We now host our own private server that's using our latest code and some patches that are written by our core-team. And to make it even better, we hold planned maintenance on the server, like on the official ones! All that just to make you having the best experience possible!

What are you waiting for? Register now and be part of the revolution of private servers! A balanced class system, premium items for ingame-gold and many events are just the beginning...

Experience x8

Gain experience eight times faster!

Items x3

Drop three times as much items!

Gold x20

Getting rich was never easier!

Fairy Experience x10

Finally a strong fairy for everyone!