Our Project

What is OpenNos?

OpenNos is an Open Source Server Emulator for the Game NosTale supporting many features from the official Servers. It's written in C#, which means that you can start working on it very easy.

We're developing OpenNos in our free time in a Core-Team of 6 people(excluding guest-developers) since October '15. Since then, we brought you various cool features in thousands of commits and already closed over 1500 issues. This means that we, unlike other Server Developers in the scene, take our work seriously!

Currently, OpenNos is at Version 1.0.5. This means that we're currently adding Family, Friends, Blacklist and Multi-Channel-Support! And while you're waiting for the next release, why not check our Server and help us with fixing bugs?

Open Source

Clone it, Fork it, do whatever you want


Our Server Files are the fastest available

Latest Software

We use the lastest Software and Technologies

Written in C#

Easy to understand, easy to extend